Disclaimer for Vastra Shringar Online Sarees Store

Ownership and Operation
Vastra Shringar Online Sarees Store is owned and operated by Vastra Shringar Pvt Ltd, located in Varanasi. The company reserves the exclusive right to modify, change, or discontinue any aspect of this website, including but not limited to the content, availability of products, sales, promotional offers, and the equipment required for access or use. Changes may occur at any time and without prior notice to users.

Contact Information
For additional information or inquiries, please contact us via email at vastrashringar.com@gmail.com

Product Disclaimer
Customers interested in purchasing products adorned with beads and sequins should be aware that these decorations are prone to falling off easily, despite careful handling. This loss of embellishments is considered normal wear and tear and is not covered under our return or exchange policy. Before purchasing, customers are advised to consider this inherent aspect of decorated products.

Content Accuracy
Product descriptions on the Vastra Shringar website are crafted with creative discretion. Returns or exchanges based on discrepancies between the product received and its description will not be honored if the product matches the item specifications listed on our site.

Product Specifications
All product specifications, such as color, embellishments, size, weight, and others are approximate and provided for guidance only. Variations from the specified values are typical and will not serve as a valid reason for a return or exchange.

Color Variations
The colors of fabrics as shown on the website may vary in appearance in different lighting conditions. Such variations naturally occur and are considered normal. The color seen on the website may not precisely match the color of the fabric as seen in natural light.

User Agreement
By using the Vastra Shringar Online Sarees Store, users agree to the terms contained in this disclaimer. The company will not be liable for issues that arise from the user not reading or misunderstanding the content of this disclaimer.

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